Synopsis for Chinese Drama “Dot 2 Dot” Now Online!


CAST – Moses Chan, Meng Tingyi, David Siu, Susan Shaw, Lam Tze-chung
SYNOPSIS – To commemorate his childhood memory of the ever-changing nature of Hong Kong, Chung (Moses CHAN) draws a series of hidden dot diagrams all around the city. These diagrams are similar to a very common childhood game ‘connect-the-dots,’ however; Chung has deliberately taken out the numbering beside all the dots to make the image subtle and indistinguishable. A Mandarin teacher from northeastern China, Xue (MENG Ting-yi), who is a newcomer to Hong Kong, accidentally found these hidden and mysterious dots and was able to solve all the riddles after exploring her surroundings and the history of this city. In a metropolis of more than 7 million people, and a colonial history of almost a century, this film tells the story of how all these events shaped Hong Kong into the way it is, and how the dots all join up with each other. The two embark on a mysterious journey in search of their perfect

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