Takashi Yamazaki To Bring Kaizoku to Yobareta Otoko (A Man Called Pirate) To The Big Screen


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Director Takashi Yamazaki who has directed such hits as Returner,  Always Trilogy, Space Battleship Yamato, The Eternal Zero, Parasyte 1 & 2 will be bringing Naoki Hyakuta’s best selling novel  Kaizoku Yo Yobareta Otoko (A Man Called Pirate) to the big screen next winter.  Takashi Yamazaki will direct & write the screenplay for the 2013 Honya Taisho award winning (bookstore-booksellers grand prize) bestseller which has sold well over 1,700,000 copies as of last year.

BOOK SYNOPSIS – Historical novel based on the “Nissho Maru incident.” In March 1953, the Japanese oil company Idemitsu secretly sent the second-generation Nissho Maru to Iran, which was involved in a dispute with Great Britain after nationalizing its oil industry. Loaded with about 22,000 kiloliters of gasoline and diesel oil, the Nissho Maru returned to the Port of Kawasaki in May, greeted by welcoming crowds. In response, the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (the predecessor of BP) sued Idemitsu in Tokyo District Court, claiming ownership of the Nissho Maru’s cargo. This “Nissho Maru Incident” would be fought out in the courts. The judicial process was reported on in detail in the newspapers day after day, and in the end Idemitsu was victorious, as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company dropped its case.

CAST – Junichi Okada, Shota Sometani, Ryohei Suzuki, Haruka Ayase, Kaoru Kobayashi, Pierre Taki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Toru Nomaguchi

OFFICIAL SITE – http://www.kaizoku-movie.jp/

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