Teaser Poster For Fruit Chan’s Upcoming Kill Time



SYNOPSIS :To honor her father, a policeman killed in the line of duty, Little Mak wants a copy of his favorite song but can’t find it anywhere. Mak’s friend Chin Ling suggests an obscure site called Witch’s Zone for a one-time purchase, but warns that buying more could result in death.

Mak finds the rare CD there and can’t resist also purchasing an exquisite mauve scarf. After all, how could buying a scarf become fatal?

The scarf unleashes reminisces of first beau Chau-sau, and her dad’s decade-long investigation into an unsolved murder. She goes to Chin’s home for advice and discovers he’s been strangled with an identical scarf!

The Witch’s curse further materializes with the sudden appearance and disappearance of other people in Mak’s life. As she gets closer to the truth, her fears of impending doom become secondary to solving the mystery and salvaging memories dating back to her father’s generation

CAST – Angelababy , Ethan Ruan

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