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SYNOPSIS: Aberdeen, where the British first landed on Hong Kong hundred years ago, is the beginning of both the Hong Kong story and Hong Kong people.

The kids in Aberdeen are unwilling to tell others where they live since small. The location of your home always reflects your family background in primary schools. The parents of your classmates usually have a weird expression when you tell them you live in Aberdeen, since they would know you are the later generations of fisherman. Therefore, the sister and brother in the Cheng family seldom let others know they live in Aberdeen until they have grown up and moved out. Though there’s always something you can choose to get rid of, it would still leave a mark in your life.

Sister Cheng Bik-chi always thinks her mother, who has passed away for almost 10 years, still hates her. No matter how her husband Yau Kin-cheung comforts her, she insists. The package offered to the ancestors for worship which Bik-chi burnt to her mother a week ago has been returned from the post office. Though Kin-cheung thinks it is impossible, he can’t deny because it is really his handwriting on the packages. However, Bik-chi never explains every time her husband what makes her feel that her mother hates her. Kin-cheung can only senses that his wife always try to avoid her younger brother Cheng Wai-to.

Another package has been returned 2 days after Bik-chi burnt it again in front of the tomb of her mother. She is going to have a nervous breakdown and finally confesses to Kin-cheung why she thinks her mother dislikes her so much. Her parents cherished her a lot until a visit to their relative’s home during the Chinese New Year when Bik-chi was thirteen. She was playing with Wai-to and their cousins in a room. Bik-chi played as the mother and all others her children. The kids took off their clothes and used pillow cover as diaper. They also kissed Bik-chi’s breast one by one as if they were nurslings having breast milk. When Wai-to was sucking his sister’s nipple, their mother suddenly came in and saw it. Since then, Bik-chi feels that her mother doesn’t love her as she used to, or even loathes her. She chose to work rather than continue to study after secondary school, as she wanted to move out as soon as possible. And she also feels embarrassed everytime she faces her younger brother.

Kin-cheung asks a Feng-shui master to have visit to his flat. The master points out that all the furniture is placed on wrong location and it affects the Feng-shui of Kin-cheung’s home. The problem can be solved by just moving the furniture to the correct place. Kin-cheung finds out that the packages seemed to be returned by Bik-chi’s mother were indeed done and sent by Bik-chi herself. The one who truly can’t forgive Bik-chi is not her mother, but the demon inside herself

Aberdeen – Louis Koo, Gigi Leung, Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung, Chapman To, Shawn Yue, Dada Chan (OPENS THIS MAY)



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