Teaser Trailer Now Up For Luv Ya Hun! (Watashitachi no Haa Haa)


Luv Ya Hun! – Teaser


An adolescent impulse, country girls, and a distance to Tokyo—there should be something special, something precious. I pass my camera to four ordinary high school girls. All the way from Kitakyusyu to Tokyo, they are driven by what they madly love and long for from the heart. This is a movie for everyone hopelessly in love with something. In the middle of the cold winter in Yubari, enjoy this exciting film of red- hot road from Kyushu to Tokyo in midsummer.

Cast – Sonoko Inoue, Reika Oozeki, Saku Mayama, Touko Miura, Eriko Nakamura, Sosuke Ikematsu

Luv Ya Hun! (Watashitachi no Haa Haa) Is Directed by Daigo Matsui/ to be release sometime in August.

OFFICIAL SITE – http://haa-haa.jp/

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