“The Murder of Snow White” Info and Cast


The Snow White Murder Case- Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken
Director: Yoshihiro NAKAMURA (Kaibutsu-Kun: The Movie, Golden Slumber)
Original Novel: Kanae MINATO (Confessions, A Chorus of Angels)
Starring: Mao INOUE (REBIRTH, Boys Over Flowers series)

From the best-seller novelist of “Confessions” Kanae MINATO and a talented director Yoshihiro NAKAMURA.
A beautiful employee of Hinode Cosmetics Noriko MIKI was murdered and people started to suspect one co-worker, Miki SHIRONO as the murderer. A TV director investigates by interviewing their friends, family and also using multiple social media outlets resulting in a devastating conclusion.

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