“The Murder of Snow White” Twitter Feed Brings the Movie into the Real World


In an interesting bit of viral marketing, the updated site for the upcoming film, The Murder of Snow White, features Twitter posts from characters related to the events in the film. Site is all in Japanese so readers beware, but here is a collection of all the related Twitter handles for those who want to get deep into the mystery of The Snow White Murder Case.

@shirayuki_movie, @SACORINRIN, @di_a_nan, @usausagisan, @RED_STAR_07, @the_kerokero, @MEDACASENSEI, @ErikoMoulin

An adaptation of Kanae Minato’s successful novel, the film follows Miki Jono (Mao Inoue) a woman who comes under suspicion of murder when her beloved and very beautiful co-worker turns up dead. As media scrutiny takes its toll, will it be revealed that Miki is actually wicked enough for murder?

Synopsis: A beautiful businesswoman is brutally murdered in a regional city, and people start pointing their fingers at her female coworker. When discussing the accused, her colleagues, former schoolmates, family, and people in her hometown all have different impressions of her. The Internet and gossip magazines irresponsibly spread rumors about her, and as the stories get exaggerated, her true character becomes increasingly obscured. Is she really a wicked witch, or…?

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The Snow White Murder Case

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