“The Swindlers” Synopsis Now Online!



Director: Jang Chan-won

Starring: Hyun Bin, YU Ji-tae

Synopsis: An infamous con man who committed a grand larceny, mysteriously disappears and the prosecution closes the case by declaring the death of the suspect. When the rumor has been going around that he is still alive, the prosecutor who was in charge of the case, Hee-su, tries to get to the bottom of the rumor.

Hee-su’s three confidantes who are hustlers themselves help him with recognizing Ji-sung who has been in recent contact with the person who is rumored to have witnessed the grand theft suspect. Hee-su offers Ji-sung a prosecutorial immunity if he helps Hee-su find the suspect. Ji-sung agrees to help him but his plan conflicts with the hidden motives of Hee-su, and the three hustlers.

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