“Ameera” Teaser and Gallery Now Online!


A teaser and a massive amount of images have been released online for the upcoming Chinese language actioner, Ameera. Following the titular government agent who, after failing her latest mission, must go on the offensive and prevent a terrorist attack. Starring Patricia Hu, Ambrose Hsu, Collin Chou, Andrew Lin, Bryan Leung, Paul Chun, Cao Yang, Tony An, Amanda Tan, Han Jun, Sun Liang, Hou Xu, and Shellly Yu, and featuring new Taiwanese director Xiao Xu, Ameera looks to capture the comic book-style of yesteryear HK flicks like The Heroic Trio and The Executioners. While the trailer is a series of action clips, the below gallery certainly seems to emphasize the figures of the women in the film, and I’m not hoping for Shakespeare, but at least a fun little film with hopefully some decent fight exchanges and Ngai Sing and Yeung Kar Yan not being wasted. Look for Ameera to hit Chinese cinemas later this year.

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