Bats, Riots, Guns, and Silat: “The Raid 2: Berandal” Trailer is Here!


Just in time for the new year, direct Gareth Huw Evans has released one heck of a trailer for one of my most anticipated films of next year, The Raid 2! Offering a clear idea of the film’s plot, we see Iko Uwais returning as Rama, one of the few survivors of the ill fated raid on one of Jakarta’s most vicious crime strongholds. Going undercover in prison to protect his family, he becomes embroiled in a struggle between warring crime families; one home grown Indonesian syndicate and the competing JapaneseĀ  outsiders. Delivering one doozy of a trailer, we see some excellent choreography, an increased scale to the action, extended cast, and a tease at the very end with the re-appearance of Yayan Ruhian, the actor who played Mad Dog in the last film. I can hardly keep myself contained, look for The Raid 2 to explode on the screen in the second quarter of 2014.


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