“Bolt From the Blue” Alternate Poster and Teaser Now Online!


A short teaser, for the upcoming time travel/drama, Bolt From the Blue, has been released and we finally get a decent look of the film. Starring Yo Oizumi, the film centers around an unsuccessful nightclub magician who, through a lightning bolt, finds himself teleported back in time. With a whole new audience of people who’ve never seen live entertainment quite like his, he sets out to find his fortune, and maybe re-discover what made him a magician in the first place. Reminding me of the Capra-esque, The Majestic by Frank Darabont, the teaser has some decent humor and looks to have re-created Showa-era Japan quite well. Look for it to arrive in Japanese cinemas in late May.

Starring: Kou Shibasaki, Yo Oizumi, Hitori Gekidan

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