“Bolt from the Blue” Trailer!


The first full trailer, for the upcoming time travel/drama, Bolt From the Blue, has been released and we finally get a longer of the film. Starring Yo Oizumi, the film centers around an unsuccessful nightclub magician who, through a lightning bolt, finds himself teleported back in time. With a whole new audience of people who’ve never seen live entertainment quite like his, he sets out to find his fortune, and maybe re-discover what made him a magician in the first place. When he meets his struggling parents, particularly his pregnant mother, he will see for himself what kind of sacrifices they had to make for him in the past. Reminding me of the Capra-esque, The Majestic by Frank Darabont, the teaser has some decent humor and looks to have re-created Showa-era Japan quite well. Look for it to arrive in Japanese cinemas in late May.

Starring: Kou Shibasaki, Yo Oizumi, Hitori Gekidan

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