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The Ghouls

CAST – Huang Bo, Chen Kun, Shu Qi, Angela Baby, and Xia Yu

BREAKDOWN – Based on the #1 Best-Selling Treasure Hunting Novel in China, THE GHOULS brings to the screen an epic 3D fantasy adventure about a trio of legendary grave robbers, the Ghouls, who are enjoying the retired civilian life hawking goods on the mean streets of New York City, until they are propositioned by a shadowy and mysterious client. They accept the job and return to their roots, raiding the secrets and treasures of ancient tombs in China under the guise of an archaeology study. As each hidden passage is unearthed, it triggers extraordinary challenges that put their friendship, loyalty and life to the ultimate test. In the vein of blockbusters such as Indiana Jones, The Mummy and National Treasure, THE GHOULS will take you on a wild 3D journey from the streets of New York to the mysterious dungeons and treasures of the deep abyss.

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