Down and Dirty: The Trailer for “Lost in Wrestling” Now Online!


(3D) Lost in Wrestling
CAST – Zhao Ke, William Chan, Li Feier, Naoko Watanabe, Sechengoo, Zheng Pei Pei, Li Yixin, Alia, Lau Siu Ming, Liu Din
SYNOPSIS – Na Ren, a beautiful Mongolian wrestler, leaves her beloved home on the Inner Mongolian prairie to take part in a women’s wrestling show in Japan. Before leaving, she is entreated by Granny Gold-Moon to search for her long-lost grandson Chi Na Si – a near-impossible mission, as he has been missing in Japan for ten years.

During the show, Na Ren gets to know Mawako, who has just left her husband, and Moon-Moon from Hong Kong, who is in conflict with her father. They agree with Boss to unite against another fierce women’s wrestling team, but are intrigued by Boss to a mud wrestling championship. Despite being deceived by her childhood friend Chi Na Si, once a sumo play, now “Boss”, Na Ren is determined to bring him to his senses and don the Mongolian wrestling armour once more.

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