English Subbed Trailer For Horror Stories 3 With Im Seul-Ong & Kyung Soo-Jin


Horror Stories Ⅲ – Im Seul-Ong, Kyung Soo-Jin, Park Jung-Min, Hong Eun-Hee

SYNOPSIS – A girl makes a near escape from Space War, and arrives to the station where she can get into the Saturn’s orbit. However, it is already occupied by different kind. When she is threatened to death, she claims that she is also a victim of Earthian and telling the story about her species; 1st episode, a human-eating fox incarnates in human to haunt village people; 2nd episode, a truck driver haunted by unknown anger makes a crazy road chase; 3rd episode, an old type baby-sitting robot gets obsessed with its baby.

Horror Stories Ⅲ – Trailer (English Subbed)

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