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Director: Yoshida Kota

Starring: Seto Saori, Okayama Amane

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Synopsis: Suffering abuse from her ex-husband Eiji, Emiko decides to move out and return to live with her parents. She had cut ties with her family long ago, and they treat her coldly when she moves in with her daughter Ran. She is told to pay for food and rent and begins to work as a fake member of a dating website that supposedly pays well.
Four years pass and Emiko has become one of the best contributors to the site with her “rainbow” voice, but the site’s owner has been ripping her off and she still lives in poverty. Furthermore, her ex-husband Eiji begins to threaten her and her family for money. Emiko decides to trick Shinnosuke, one of her clients from the dating site who works at a factory, into giving her money. Shinnosuke had fallen in love with Emiko and meekly does as he is told.
One day, Emiko’s daughter Ran is almost hit by an oncoming truck. The truck stops just inches from her, and the driver, a demolition worker named Akira, leaps out to make sure she is OK. He offers to take them to buy a replacement for Ran’s toy ball.
Emiko is immediately drawn to Akira and makes her feelings clear, but he refuses to go out with her. He has an invalid older sister, Kasumi, who has difficulty moving her body because of an illness. Akira has been taking care of Kasumi and this was the reason why he had turned Emiko down. Emiko longs to make Akira her own, and decides to use Shinnosuke for her own ends again.
Emiko believes that she must kill Kasumi if she is to marry Akira. Following Emiko’s order, Shinnosuke approaches Kasumi pretending to be a caregiver and strangles her to death…

The Case the Story Was Based On

The movie is based on an actual case, The Wakayama Dating Site Robbery Homicide (aka The Wakayama Marionette Murder Case) that occurred in July 2002.
A pretty woman, Harada, met an office worker, Aki, through a dating website. Aki fell for Harada immediately and proposed to her. She used his love to squeeze a substantial amount of money from him. Harada then met another man, “K,” online and became infatuated by him. But K had an older sister who was an invalid, and Harada saw her as a burden. Harada ordered Aki to kill the sister, and he did so on the condition that they get married.
But Harada’s actions escalated and she told Aki to commit another burglary and murder. Aki attempted to rob his company but failed and they were both arrested.
In 2005 they were both sentenced to life in prison.


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