First Teaser For My Uncle (Boku no Ojisan) Staring Ryuhei Matsuda


my Uncle

Based on the 1972 children’s book My Uncle (Boku no Ojisan) written by Morio Kita, Ryuhei Matsuda, Riku Ohnishi, Yoko Maki, star in the adaptation to be directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita.  My Uncle (Boku no Ojisan) is due to be release November 11.


SYNOPSIS – Yukio Haruyama (Riku Onishi) has to write about ‘an adult that I know’ as a grade-school assignment. His father is a civil servant and his mother a housewife, both leading completely normal lives that give him nothing of interest to write about. But now he hears someone call his name; it’s his uncle (Ryuhei Matsuda), a permanent guest in the family home. This uncle, although he is a grown-up, never gives Yukio pocket money on those occasions when an adult should, he won’t help the boy with his homework, and he’s lousy at sports. He lays around in bed all day reading comics, occasionally using Yukio to wheedle money out of his sister-in-law. Yukio decides to write about ‘my uncle’. Then one day the bane of his uncle’s existence, Yukio’s Aunt Tomoko, comes with a possible candidate for marriage. Yukio accompanies his reluctant uncle to a party at his aunt’s where this lady will be. She is Eri Morisaki, a fourth-generation Japanese-American from Hawaii, on the rebound after breaking up with a boyfriend. Uncle is smitten. Eri, however, returns to Hawaii to run her late grandmother’s coffee plantation. Desperate to follow her, Uncle tries a number of devious schemes to come up with enough money for the trip. None of them work, however. But then, courtesy of Yukio, comes a miracle, and the boy and his uncle set off for Hawaii in pursuit of Eri.

My Uncle (Boku no Ojisan) (2016) – Trailer

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