“Futureless Things” Trailer Released Online!


Cast: Yoo Young, Gong Young, Sin Jae-ha, Jeong Hye-in, ANVIL, Lee Joo-seung
A convenience store is one of the places that you can’t live without in modern society. It is a post office, bank, restaurant, and is the place where the art of Capitalism is perfectly realized; to make people produce and consume constantly. In this wonderland, we meet part-timers; a university student, an indie musician, a lesbian, a North Korean defector, a jobless, their boss and customers who come and go like ghosts. The film consists of 13 episodes, and the part-timers in each episode look similar in the same uniform. Through those similar, yet different beings, the film studies the relation between reality and illusion, love and break-up, and individual and society of our days.

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