“Godsend” Trailer and Info Updated!


Cast: Lee Eun-Woo, Jeon Soo-Jin


A woman who’s been desperately trying to have a baby overhears a teenage girl arguing with her boyfriend over the phone at the hospital just before getting an abortion. The woman convinces the girl to give birth to the baby for her, offering in exchange her luxury car. And in consideration for the girl who’ll be more ashamed of bearing through the pregnancy as a teenager, the woman suggests that they live together in a secluded mountain cabin until the baby is born.

The husband of the woman, who had been against having a baby from the start, grows more distant while his wife is away and starts an affair. Discovering his infidelity, the woman decides to get a divorce which means that she no longer needs the baby. The pregnant girl runs away but ends up returning to the cabin to give birth. And after a long chain of events, the woman, husband, the girl, and her boyfriend are brought back to the hospital to decide the fate of the newborn.

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