“Greatful Dead” Trailer and Synopsis!


A very interesting English subtitled trailer has been released for the upcoming Japanese black comedy Greatful Dead. Stylistic and funny, I’m reminded heavily of 2LDK in terms of the battle between young girl and Oji-san. Firmly on my radar, it gets a wide release in Japan later this year.

SYNOPSIS – Nami’s father cooks omelette provencale every day for breakfast. Not that Nami’s mother cares – donating to poverty-stricken children overseas is her main concern, so much so that she runs off to Sri Lanka. As Nami’s father dissolves into despair (aided by a rather gothic mistress) and her sister takes off with a boyfriend, it is no wonder that the preteen girl’s sense of normal becomes completely twisted. By age 20 she is living on her own and makes watching so-called “Solitarians” her hobby – people who are loners in society. Rather than befriend them as a “normal” person would, she spies on them from afar, relishing in their pain and suffering.

And pain and suffering are the right words – heads are bashed, hands are bitten, skin is torn off – the blood flows freely in this increasingly brutal tale, another dark creation from the hands of Eiji Uchida, who has dealt with stepsisters on the run with a gun (Sisterhood) and a schoolboy out destroy the world in a God-set mission (The Last Days of the World). This film starts as black humour and descends into gory madness in a social critique of another kind altogether.

Greatful Dead – Trailer Eng Subbed

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