Iceman 3D Teaser and Thoughts


Well, the first teaser has hit for Donnie Yen’s latest, Iceman 3D and reactions have been mixed. I am a HUGE fan of the original 1989 HK actioner and I really enjoy the humor, wackiness, and fun performances by Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, and Maggie Cheung. It is a film that is actually very indicative of late 80’s Hong Kong cinema in it’s re-purposing of Hollywood ideas for local tastes and the willingness of creators to go for the far out productions and ideas. This new film does seem to have quite a bit of the hard hitting action one would expect from Donnie Yen’s choreography and team, but what makes the original stand out is its heart and unique take. While it is pretty early yet, the film’s release has been moved to Spring 2014, there is not a lot of smiles or levity present in this teaser. Keeping things serious seems to be the order of business and though I’m sure that there will be the requisite bits of man out of time comedy, I hope the film is a more rounded piece of entertainment and that the filmmakers realize that this is a film that has frozen warriors being brought back to life in modern day and not treat the material as some sappy “Somewhere in Time” reversal with kung fu. With news also coming out that the film will be also split into 2 films, the wait will be even longer to see whether this film can live up to the beloved but underrated HK classic. –Cesar

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