Japanese Film “Intern” Trailer Now Online!


intern poster

The trailer for the upcoming film Intern has been released online from TBS. The film revolves around a young intern who is about to be hit by a car but is saved by her company’s CEO at the last moment. Suffering grave injury himself, the comatose CEO is informed by a shinigami that his intern was fated to die that day. With his intervention, both of their fates have changed and the only way to keep both of them alive is through affecting her future and having her succeed as an intern. With the newfound ability to possess bodies, the CEO takes over his intern’s friend in order to keep both of them alive. The film is set for release in Japanese theaters November 5th, 2016.

Director: Akio Yoshida

Starring: Yuko Araki, Anri Okamoto, Toru Kazama, and Gaku Sano

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