Japanese “Godzilla” Poster and Trailers Now Up


On the heels of the buzz generating around from the recently released Godzilla trailer, Warner Bros. JP has put out a mostly similar trailer but with a few alternate cuts and scenes. Most notably, Ken Watanabe is featured from a different segment and the film looks to retain the Godzilla moniker despite being known locally as Gojira. The logo for the film also seems to be lacking the kanji embellishment as well. With a Japanese release date of July 25, 2014 looks like they’ll get it a full 2 months after the United States but I’m sure that they’ll have a premiere around the time of the worldwide release.

The Japanese poster (pictured below) seems to hint at Godzilla’s size a bit more but features the human military element of the trailer more than the titular character. Look for more posters to be released soon, presumably to feature other parts of the big G’s body before a full reveal is released.


godzilla japanese poster

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