Japanese Thriller “Chain” Synopsis and Trailer!


CAST – Sugai Rei, Hideo Asayama, Shunta Fukawa, Koutaro Inoue, Mari Ohtsuka, Ruiko Shinozaki, Asuka Takahashi, Hiroyuki Watanabe

OFFICIAL SITE – http://cha.in.net/

SYNOPSIS – A suspenseful horror social awareness film, which depicts a serial killer who targets girls high school students, using social net work service; A high school student was brutally murdered and the scene was aired on a social network service. Soon it was followed by the second murder. Again, it was broadcasted live on the same SNS website named “Freedom”. Why did they get murdered? Why was their death made public? Set in Niigata surrounded by limpid and solemn snow, this film depicts complicated relationships with each people concealing what they think, the fear behind the social network, and madness of those who enjoy watching real murders.

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