“Kabukicho High School” Trailer Brings Thuggery Back to School!


The first full trailer has been released for the upcoming Japanese comedy, Kabukicho High School. Showcasing quite a bit of comedy in the trailer, the film features odd fashions, UFOs, and some burlesque dancing by teachers; there’s even a bit of Sonny Chiba in action! It’s all confusing a bit but here’s the synopsis:

Kabukicho, an area known for it’s surplus of nightclubs, yakuza, and all around shadiness if full of dropouts who have made lives in the less reputable of business. Enter Kabukicho High School; a place where these societal rejects can earn a high school degree and leave this world of strippers, gangsters, and lowlifes behind. As the worst of the town gather in one place, typical high school dramatic cliches are turned on their heads, this with adults who haven’t exactly grown up themselves.

Cast: Shun Shioya, Sonny Chiba, Ainosuke Kataoka, Asami Kumakiri, Yu Takagi, Hanako Tokachi, Toshiyuki Someya, Tadao Komoto, Nagisa Ohshima, Mitsuyoshi Jogo, Taro Kawano, Yuki Tanaka, Taro Nogi, Yasuko Tsuji, and Kazuhiro Teranishi

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