“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Full Trailer Now Online!


The first full trailer for the live action adaptation of Kiki’s Delivery Service has just been released and my feelings are mixed. While I think that the set direction and look of the film is actually fairly accurate, the flying sequences have an unfinished feel that I hope is just a result of watching the trailer on a small computer monitor versus a large format screen. Many recognizable elements I recall from the highly regarded Studio Ghibli film and the beats of film do seem familiar, so hopefully all isn’t lost. The strength of the film truly lies in the character of Kiki herself and since Koshiba Fuka is an absolute unknown, I can only hope for the best for this newcomer to embody such a beloved character. Directed by J-Horror maestro Takashi Shimizu, look for Kiki’s Delivery Service to arrive in Japanese cinemas in March of 2014.

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