Korean Comedy “The King of Jokgu” Trailer and Synopsis!



CAST – Ahn Jae-hong,Hwang Seung-un, Jung Woo-sik,Kang Bong-sung,Hwang Mi-young,Park Ho-san,Ryu Hye-rin

SYNOPSIS – When Mansup comes back to school after completing military service, he is surprised that the foot volleyball(Jokgu) court has disappeared. His friends are all busy thinking about getting a job, and the only one who cares about the missing court is Mansup. A former champion of foot volleyball in the army, Mansup asks the school chancellor to build a new court. The lack of response from either the school chancellor or other school students and faculty stokes his passion, which spreads throughout the campus. A senior student tells Mansup to come back down to earth and find a job, but what Mansup wants to do is date a girl. To his plea, a school employee simply snorts. At the college campus deprived of any romance or relaxing mood, Mansup’s passion for foot volleyball leads to the blossoming of love and friendship. Finally the sport turns the competitive space to a humane community with a caring atmosphere. This film is a cheerful comedy with a cartoonish story and characters, but also remarkable for its satire.

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