Lying Is In Our Blood With “The Seventh Lie” Trailer and Gallery!


CAST – Ronald Chen, Him Law, Josie Ho, Peggy Tsang
SYNOPSIS – Lying is a universal language, spoken and understood by 7 billion people. None of us can evade the jinx of The Seventh Lie – Self Deception.

Chauffeur Song claims to be a part-time killer. Or is he a womanizer, tries to get in the heart of his chum’s wife Julianne? Julianne checks into a hotel with Song to discover his frightful plan. A sneaky Hotel Bellhop bumps into them. Could he come to Julianne’s rescue? Or is he a brilliant con-artist who attempts to rip off moneyed guests of the hotel? In this hotel, he uncovers his darkest secret and comes across a Runaway Bride Gwen. She moves heaven and earth to pull the wool over her pursuers’ eyes with the help of The Great Prophet. Is this fortune teller what he professes to be? Or is he a shameless impostor, attempts to steal Gwen’s heart? Gwen needs to know if she is marrying the right guy. But can she really trust this Prophet?

This night, the lives of these seemingly unassociated souls are interlaced together to face the appalling truth beneath their lies. Lying comes in many forms. In the end, we might not even aware of the lies we tell ourselves.


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