New “Fighting (A Better Tomorrow)” Trailer and Gallery Added!


Cast: Peter Ho, Lu Yi, Angel Wei, Wu Ma, Qin Lan, Hou Yong, Lam Wai

A new “War” trailer has been released for the upcoming period film, Fighting. Also titled A Better Tomorrow, not to be confused with the Chow Yun-fat 80s classic, the film seems to be part martial arts tournament film, part war film, and part fantasy/metaphysical experience. Here’s the trailer as well as a synopsis courtesy of Film Combat Syndicate:



A Better Tomorrow(Fighting) (2014) – War Trailer

Abandoned when he was a child, young GAO Ruofei was a very gifted boy. Twelve years ago he was picked up from the street into a home by Mr GAO who had recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday. Mr GAO took good care of him, but Ruofei never called him “father”.

In a car accident, Ruofei lost his amazing running power.

Deep inside Ruofei always thought his teacher Chen looked like a “butterfly goddess”. She encouraged him to join the family sport events of the school, but RuoFei strongly refused. Later on, he stole his teacher’s butterfly brooch but Mr Gao found out what he did so Ruofei ran away from home with the butterfly brooch and went to the place where he had been abandoned as a child praying that he could one day find his true father.

Then a miracle happened: Ruofei found himself travelling into the past during a national game.

Ruofei was strangely obsessed by an athlete named “Lone Wolf”, who had a very special charisma.

Lone Wolf’s dream was to become a pilot. During the game, Lone Wolf met an American guy named Jason whose family was very wealthy. Jason was a vigorous man who was determined to win this martial arts tournament.

Lone Wolf and Jason became the main focus of the entire game and a lot of people were betting on the outcome of their upcoming fight.

Finally, it was time for the final battle, the duel started, two different temperaments and two different backgrounds but yet the fighters understood each other, equal in strength; each had its own qualities and merits, making the duel very suspenseful.

Lone Wolf and Jason were once enemies (rivals) and now appreciated each other.

Who would win the final battle and became the real hero?


Also, here is a new gallery of images and posters for the upcoming film. Look for it to hit Chinese cinemas on 3-21-2014!

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