New “Police Story 2013” Trailer is Punchy and Full of Action


A new and action filled trailer for Jackie Chan’s latest, Police Story 2013, has just been released online. Highlights include crying faces, people getting punched in the head, flipping cars, and bullets aplenty. A decidedly different tone from the previously released trailer, this one has a tighter edited style that I hope isn’t indicative of the film’s final product. Regardless, a new Police Story film is one to rejoice in, even if Jackie isn’t Ka Kui this time around. Police Story 2013 hits Chinese cinemas Christmas Eve.

Starring: Jackie Chan, Huang Bo, Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Zhang Lanxin, Yu Rongguang, Wang Zhifei, Zheng Xiaoning, Gulnazar, Denise Sun, and Liu Peiqi

Police Story 2013 – Trailer 2

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