New Poster and Trailer Now Online for Korean Drama “Entangled”


CAST – Kim Young-Ae, Do Ji-Won, Song Il-Kook, Kim So-Eun
SYNOPSIS – A family of four live together: the mother, the first daughter with her husband, and the second daughter who is still in her teens. To everyone’s great joy, the first daughter finally gives birth to a long-awaited baby, but their happiness is short-lived when the mother drowns her newborn grandchild by mistake in a bath. The entire family is devastated and the first daughter’s couple move out from the unbearable place.
While all the family members suffer each in their own pain by the tragic incident, the second young daughter is driven to hang herself in her own room, can’t standing a group of delinquent school girls forcing her to have sex with older men. Finding her daughter in such state, the mother runs out screaming for help but tumbles down the long flight of stairs. When she regains her consciousness, she finds her second daughter spilling out all the family secrets that mother kept hidden. In the meantime, the first daughter returns home to face an extreme choice that the mother makes.

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