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Having Its world premiere at this years Jeonju International Film Festival, Ahn Gooc-Jin’s Alice In Earnestland is set for release this August 13th. A brand new 30 trailer (TV Spot) has also been released.  Main Trailer can be viewed Here. 

Alice In Earnestland stars Lee Jung-Hyun, Myung Gye-Nam, Lee Yong-Nyeo, Lee Hae-Young, Seo Young-Hwa, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Oh Gwang-Rok, Bae Je-Ki, Lee Seung-Joon.

SYNOPSIS:  This film is about Soonam, a woman who lives a life full of ups and downs like a rollercoaster. The movie delivers pleasure and discomfort at the same time by the mysterious pain that Soonam is going through when all she is doing is living a diligent life. While Soonam with dexterous skills has a hard time living within the cold hearted human world, she transforms into a beast. Within this free and creative movie there are several elements that we should pay attention to. The rare and weird characters, wild angles and aggressive editing, different genres confusingly mixed up and extraordinary visual shows a special sensitivity. It is hard to find the origin of the hardships that Soonam is going through. This film points out the irrationality of humanity and the world full of greed. –  Jeonju International Film Festival



Alice In Earnestland – TV Spot

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