“Police Story 2013” Trailer Hits Hard and Dirty


The first trailer for Jackie Chan’s upcoming film, Police Story 2013 has just been released and is an action packed 90 seconds filled with violence, grittiness, and a distinct lack of smiling faces. While 2005’s New Police Story carried with it a darker tone, there where still more than a few moments of brevity which lightened the film a bit. This new trailer does seem to boast some good action, which I’m always happy to see from Jackie, and some real stuntwork. (Those cars flying through the aire does seem to be vintage Jackie Chan) Reteaming with director Ding Sheng, Chan previously worked with him in the terrific period film Little Big Soldier, I do have high hopes for the film, even if the days of Ka Kui in the Hong Kong Police are way behind us. It does make me wonder why they choose to use the Police Story moniker at all when he isn’t even playing the same character. Well I do know why but it should be obvious to everyone really. Look for Police Story 2013 to hit Chinese cinemas at the end of the year. –Cesar

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Police Story 2013 – Trailer

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