“Sadako Vs. Kayako” Teaser Hints at Supernatural Battle!


Kadokawa has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming horror crossover Sadako Vs. Kayako. Bringing together two of J-horror’s greatest cinematic villains, the film will be directed by horror auteur Koji Shiraishi (Noroi) and will feature actress and model Mizuki Yamamoto (Close Range Love).

It’s great to see personal favorite Shiraishi take on such a high profile film, though I worry how much he’ll be forced to conform to studio expectations. His guerrilla style serves his brand of horror well and anyone tackling one, let alone both franchises at once is bound to have a handful. The trailer does feature a bit of handheld work which is indicative of his work and both franchises have also had ‘reporter-esque’ threads that could also lend themselves well to his idiom so perhaps this worry is for nothing. Regardless, Shiraishi is one of a very few number of horror directors that I’m always willing to give a shot when a new film gets released.

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Look for Sadako Vs. Kayako to hit Japanese theatres in June 2016.

Sadako vs Kayako – Teaser

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