Second Trailer For Live Action Two Part Kyokasho ni nai! Adaption


Kyokasho ni nai!

Based on Okada Kazuto manga (1995-2002), Kyokasho ni nai! (I am Sam, Not in a Textbook!, Very Private Lesson) has just released the second trailer for the two part adaptation.  Kyokasho ni nai! has already been been brought to the small screen already with a Korean TV series called I Am Sam, plus anime format with one DTV feature film and two OVA (Very Private Lesson).

Due to hit theaters with limited release starting June 18-23. / July 9-15 with back to back screening in Shibuya and Osaka.  Kyokasho ni nai! stars Ayaka Morikawa, Ryoma Baba, Moemi Katayama, Ayaka Fukai, Masahiko Hori, Moe Wakaki, Sumire Nagai, Tsunekichi Takeoka, Makoto Kikuchi, Takami Sakurai, Kôji Motegi, Yurisa, Toru Sato, Wataru Yusa, Rika Mari
MANGA SYNOPSIS – Tairaku is a high school teacher in a school full of bad apples, and as tiring as his life may already be, a chance meeting with a young girl is about to throw it into chaos. His home life, his school life, and his tentative relationship with a fellow teacher whom he has a crush on, are destined to teeter on the brink, thanks to this one young student. The girl in question is called Shirakaba Aya and her father has the utmost confidence that Tairaku will behave like a proper adult while they are living together. But Aya has the utmost confidence that Tairaku won’t be able to keep his hands off her, even if she has to force him to do so.

Kyokasho ni nai!(2016) – Trailer

Kyokasho ni nai! II (2016) – Trailer

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