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The Royal Tailor

CAST – Han Suk-Kyu, Ko Soo, Park Shin-Hye, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Ma Dong-Seok, Lee Yoo-Bi, Shin So-Yul, Jo Dal-Hwan
OFFICIAL SITE – http://sangeuiwon.com/

Dol-suk tailored clothes for three generations of kings before finally becoming the head of Sanguiwon. A stickler for principle, he denies the queen’s request when she asks him to replace the king’s robe that was accidentally burnt by a gungnyeo (female attendant). He insists that to do so would be against court customs. Anxious to cover her mistake, the queen looks for a designer elsewhere. She is introduced to Kong-jin, a young designer whose good looks and dazzling talent have charmed every woman in the capital. Kong-Jin falls in love with the queen at first sight, and he uses his extraordinary gift as a tailor to save her from blame. He subsequently becomes a tailor at Sanguiwon and begins a prosperous career.

Soon Dol-suk – who upholds rules and customs with the utmost reverence – becomes jealous of the rebellious young designer’s talent. His jealousy and relentless pursuit of beauty ends up causing an unprecedented scandal that shocks the entire kingdom of Chosun.

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