Teaser Now Online For Japanese Live Action “Wolf Girl and Black Prince”


wolf girl black prince cover

Manga Synopsis: The story centers around Erika Shinohara, a 16-year-old girl who tells her friends tall tales about her romantic exploits, but she actually has no boyfriend. She says that a handsome boy in a candid photo is her boyfriend, but it turns out that boy is a schoolmate named Kyōya Sata. She has no choice but to make him her fake boyfriend. However, Sata may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an ultra-black-hearted sadist. Sata takes advantage of Erika’s weakness and treats her like his dog.

Director: Ryuichi Hiroki

Starring: Fumi Nikaido, Kento Kanzaki, Ryusei Yokohama, Mugi Kadowaki, Nobuyuki Suzuki

The film expected to be released via roadshow in May of 2016.

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