Teaser Now Up For A Violent Prosecutor Staring Hwang Jung-Min & Gang Dong-Won


A Violent Prosecutor

SYNOPSIS – Prosecutor Jae-wook, specialized in violent crimes, detests the criminals and doesn’t give a damn about their human rights. One day, while interrogating Jin-seok, a suspect looking insincere,Jae-wook loses his temper again and beats him. The next morning when Jae-wook comes back to the interrogation room, he finds Jin-seok dead. Jae-wook is charged with murder and arrested and the Prosecutors’ Office including Jae-wook’s boss and close colleagues desperately tries to find a way out of this trouble leaving him as a scapegoat. Jae-wook claims his innocence but gets sentenced 10 years of prison.

In prison, Jae-wook gets to meet with a handsome petty criminal Chi-won and finds the clue of the scheme which puts him in the prison. Jae-wook asks Chi-won to join the forces with him and starts to train Chi-won to reveal the scheme and get his revenge done.

DIRECTOR – Lee Il-Hyeong

CAST –  Hwang Jung-Min, Gang Dong-Won, Lee Sung-Min, Shin So-Yul, Park Sung-Woong, Park Jong-Hwan, Son Sung-Chan, Han Jae-Young, Kim Jong-Soo

A Violent Prosecutor – Teaser

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