Teaser Now Up For Sin City Vibe Brothers



The first teaser for A Gan (Bugs 3D) is back with his next feature which is obvious influenced by Frank Millers Sin City by viewing the teaser.  Due to hit theaters this May, Brothers stars Dong Xue Li, Peter Ho, Xia Zi Tong

Breakdown – Taking place in the mid-1930s in China, the story follows a group of Chinese Red Army soldiers who are ordered to go westward to establish ties with the Soviet Union. Carrying out the special mission, Chen Tiejin (Li), a company commander for the Red Army, meets his long lost elder brother Wang Bingsheng (Ho), who has become a commander working for a local warlord. Working in opposing camps, the brothers must not only deal with different political ideologies, but also their own personal issues. – http://www.globaltimes.cn



Brothers – Teaser

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