“The Crimes That Bind” Trailer Now Online!


Take a look below at the new trailer for the latest installment of the Detective Kaga series starring Hiroshi Abe, The Crimes That Bind. Originally appearing in the highly rated Shinzanmono television series, the Detective Kaga character is the creation of novelist Higashino Keigo who has seen a number of adaptations to his literary work including Suspect X, Galileo, Himitsu, LaPlace’s Witch, Platinum Data, and he Korean film Perfect Number. The film stars Hiroshi Abe, Junpei Mizobata, Nanako Matsushima, Rena Tanaka, and Tsutomu Yamazaki. The film is the sophmore film directed by Katsuo Fukuzawa who previously directed I Want to be a Shellfish as well as doramas such as the cultural megahit Naoki Hanzawa and the recent Koji Yakusho starring Rikuo.

Detective Kaga (Abe) and Matsumiya (Junpei Mizobata) find little clues concerning a murder of a strangled woman and her missing landlord. Investigating, they find a woman (Nanako Matsushima) who may know more than she lets on as well a bizarre connection to Kaga’s own family.



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