The Dead End Finally Gets A Full Trailer


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This is a story of an unforgivable crime.

Xilong City, Fujian Province. A family of five is brutally slaughtered in a rape-murder case. The perpetrators – policeman Feng, taxi driver Dao and simpleton Bijue – have evaded arrest for seven years by burying themselves in work and leading quiet lives away from the city without any friends or companions. Hoping to find redemption, the three adopts an abandoned baby named Tail.
However, Feng’s carelessness raises the suspicions of his friend and superior Yi, who starts a secret investigation of his own. Complicating matters, Yi ’s younger sister Xia falls for Dao, though he ultimately rejects her affections.

Yi’s investigation eventually hits a dead end. Just as he is about to give up, Xia indirectly leads him to an important clue that helps him put together the rest of the puzzle, leading to the arrest of the three.

Realizing that there is only one way to pay for their sins, the men confess to everything and are given the death sentence. Just when Yi believes that the case is closed for good, an event changes everything…

Director – Cao Baoping (The Equation of Love and Death, Trouble Makers)

Cast – Chao Deng, Tao Guo, Luodan Wang, Yihong Duan

Release Date – August 27-2015


The Dead End – Trailer

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