“The Four II” English Subtitled Trailer Released!


A new English subbed trailer has been released for the upcoming sophomore installment of the film series, The Four. Picking up events from the last film, the second installment reveals character history and finally broaches one of the most popular story arcs of the series, the murder of Emotionless’s (Liu Yifei) family as a child. As she looks for clues and revenge, you can expect the branching story threads to be far reaching as wuxia stories tend to be , especially with a third installment already in production. Currently in release in Chinese territories, look for an international release later this year.

Starring: Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Ronald Cheng, Collin Chou, Anthony Wong, Chen Taisheng, Ada Liu, Ken Lo, Jiang Yiyan, Sheren Tang, Waise Lee, Even Wu, Bao Beier, Liu Fengchao, Gao Tian, Cao Bingkun

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