“The Little House” Trailer/Clip Added to the Archive!


A short trailer/clip has been released for the highly anticipated Yoji Yamada drama, The Little House.

Director: Yoji YAMADA(The Twilight Samurai, KABEI- Our Mother, About Her Brother, Tokyo Family)
Original Novel by Kyoko NAKAJIMA ‘Chiisai Ouchi’
Starring: Takako MATSU (The Hidden Blade, Confessions), Haru KUROKI (The Great Passage), Hidetaka YOSHIOKA (The Hidden Blade, Sunset on the Third Street series), Chieko BAISHO (The Yellow Handkerchief, Tora-san series), Satoshi TSUMABUKI (Tokyo Family, Villain)

Yoji YAMADA brings to screen an Award-winning novel ‘The Little House’. This ambitious work depicts a love affair which took place in a little house in Tokyo from the Showa to the Heisei Era (1922-present).
In 1922, Taki from northern Japan comes to Tokyo to work as a maid for a family living in a modern, western-style house in the suburbs of Tokyo. The family consists of the beautiful Madame, Tokiko, her husband Masaki and their little son, Kyoichi. One day they are visited by Itakura, a colleague of Masaki, and Tokiko feels a compelling attraction to him. In 1943 World War II intensifies and Itakura receives his draft card. When the day for his departure arrives, it is all Taki can do to quietly observe her mistress.

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The Little House – Trailer

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