“The Second Coming 3D” Poster, Trailer, and Detailed Synopsis Now Online!


Ming and his wife Jen lead quiet, ordinary lives with their 13-year-old daughter Lucy, while their 20 year-old son Sunny is at medical school overseas.Things seem perfect until Ming accidentally knocks Lucy down with his car on the cusp of her 14th birthday. From then onwards, Lucy’s behaviour turns bizarre. Sunny returns from school to find his father becoming more distant towards his sister. As Jen and Sunny struggle to decipher the cause of it all, Lucy’s increasingly disturbing behavior escalates into violence. When Lucy’s dog gets killed and Ming comes to harm, dark and hidden secrets are unveiled one by one and the family is forced to confront their past that deep down, they have never truly been able to forget or forgive themselves for. Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction. No one in the family could have fathomed just how searing this confrontation will become as it culminates in twist after twist of shocking terror, unearthing a truth they could never have imagined.

Cast: Joey Leong, Kenny Wong, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Don Zhen Li

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