Trailer and Detailed Synopsis for Zombie Period Film “Samurai of the Dead” Now Online!


Samurai Of The Dead

CAST – Yuki Himura, Chihiro Yamamoto, Goro Takeishi, Shuta Uesugi, Tama Mizuki,Chad Mullane


SYNOPSIS – Samurai versus zombies in the ultimate Battle Royale.

As the end approaches for Japan’s age of military rule, the Tokugawa shogunate brings together a squad of ruthless assassins to defend its representatives in Kyoto. These men were known as the Shinsengumi. Formidable swordsmen with unswerving dedication to their cause, the Shinsengumi think nothing of slashing down their enemies…but what happens when the enemy is the undead? So fresh it still hasn’t even hit the cinemas in Japan, Samurai of the Dead is an irreverent, action-packed comic mash-up where zombiecore meets the last desperate years of the way of the sword.

Brought (back) to life by an equally eclectic cast that includes variety comedian Yuki Himura, a.k.a. Bananaman, as fictitious Shinsengumi warrior Gesutaro Kuzuyama (“low-life rubbish heap”), alongside world tai-chi champion Chihiro Yamamoto as a cross-dressing, staff-wielding warrior. Also stars pin-up model Tama Mizuki, rock ‘n’ roll frontman of The Ton-Up Motors, Shuta Uesugi, plus Australian-born, Japan-based comedian Chad Mullane as head zombie.

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