Trailer and Synopsis for Chinese Film “Gangster Pay Day” Starring Anthony Wong and Charlene Choi!


CAST – Anthony Wong, Charlene Choi, You-nam Wong
SYNOPSIS – Kwai, the ex-gang boss, and his sworn brother Leung run some downcast small business to live a down-to-earth life. The situation is worsened when his sauna and karaoke parlor are successively provoked and threatened by his former gang brother, Bill, who’s now working as a hatchet man for a real estate company.

On Kwai’s mother’s funeral day, Kwai got stuck in a traffic jam. Then he walks into a tea café where he meets Mei, who’ll be another important woman in his life. Kwai can’t get her away from his mind every day. So he then starts to crazily court her. Coincidently, Bill and his men show up again as he must also see to the forced removal of Mei’s tea café.

Kwai leads his gang to fight back Bill’s intrusion. When it seems to everyone that Mei could be esteemed as Kwai’s girlfriend, Mei finally reveals a secret that she has known Leung earlier and Leung is the one who loves. Kwai decides to step down and wish them happiness. However, Bill mistakenly kills Leung in order to claim the tea café. It completely ignites Kwai’s revenge. He swears to start a gang war on Bill at all costs…

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