Trailer For Upcoming Japanese Film Oh My Z! (Oh My Zombie!) Staring Riku Hagiwara


Oh My Zombie

Oh My Z! (Oh My ZOMBIE!) – Riku Hagiwara, Akihiro Kakuta, Marie Machida, Reiya Masaki, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Rie Tomosaka

Synopsis – Five years have passed since Japan’s Great Zombie Panic. The confusion of those days is gone and people have finally regained their ordinary, peaceful lives. One day, out of nowhere, a zombie appears and becomes trapped in a house. Six people have spotted the zombie, including the home-owner couple, a cheeky high school boy, a boring small-factory owner, a suspicious young intern and a woman who insists she is the zombie’s wife. What do they all want from this zombie? As the film progresses their true identities and intentions are revealed one after the other. When they finally set out to capture the zombie, a series of unexpected events leads to them all being bitten.

Oh My Z! (Oh My ZOMBIE!) Is set For A November 5th Release


Oh My Z! (Oh My ZOMBIE!) – Trailer

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