Trailer Now Up For 2014 Tokyo International Film Festival Entry Kyoto Elegy


Kyoto Elegy

Based on the award winning novel Manga Niku to Boku by Shiki Asaka, Kyoto Elegy is finally due for release next month in Japan (2-13-16).  Kyoto Elegy had its world premiere during the 2014 Tokyo International Film Festival, follow by a handful in 2015, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Okinawa International Movie Festival

Directed By Kiki Sugino

Cast – Takahiro Miura, Kiki Suzuno, Eri Tokunaga, Chisun, Shima Onishi, Taiga, Yoshimi Tokui

Synopsis – Kyoto in April. A timid and shy student, Watabe, is struggling to make friends and spending lonely days in a university. Concurrently, student life for Satomi Kumahori has also been hard, due to her overweight appearance. For Satomi, it is only Watabe who talks to her kindly and does not make fun of her. One day she takes advantage of Watabe and starts to live off him, literally like a parasite. While Satomi is using him as a slave, he falls in love with Nako, a girl he meets at work. At the same time, he accidentally learns about Satomi’s past.
A film based on the award winning novel “Manganiku to boku” written by Shiki Asaka, published by Shinchosha. In {Kyoto Elegy}, Kiki Sugino, an internationally well-known actress/producer, makes her directorial debut. –


Kyoto Elegy – Trailer

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