Trailer Now Up For Movie Adaptation of HKTV Series The Menu Staring Kate Yeung, Gregory Wong, Catherine Chau


The Menu

Based on the 2015 Hong Kong Television Network Series of the same name, The Menu deals with the many hardships and challenges of the newspaper industry.  The Menu aired from March thru April, and ran for 24 Episodes.  The Menu Official Site – Chinese

CAST – Gregory Wong, Catherine Chau, Kate Yeung, Richard Ng

Synopsis :

At the Office of Smart Post, Fong Ying, Lok Ka-Fai and Mallory Mak are busying on gather the news. In the meantime, an explosion occurs in the C99’s television studio, people are terrified. The bomb was set by Tam, who demand to meet the Chief Executive.
Tam’s daughter was raped and murdered 7 years ago by Ko Kin Yan. However, the jury found Ko not guilty. Base on the current Hong Kong Laws and Rules, Ko will not being charged again, so Tam used such a vicious way in fighting for the truth.

The Menu – Movie (2016) – Trailer (English Subbed)

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