Trailer Now Up For Yoji Yamada’s It’s Tough Being a Family


It's Tough Being a Family

SYNOPSIS –  The eldest son (Masahiko NISHIMURA) of an old couple Shuzo and Tomiko(Isao HASHIZUME and Kazuko YOSHIYUKI) lives with his parents along with his wife (Yui NATSUKAWA), and the eldest daughter (Tomoko NAKAJIMA) lives with her husband (Shozo HAYASHIYA) in the neighborhood. The second son (Satoshi TSUMABUKI) is planning to get married to his girlfriend (Yu AOI). They appear to be leading ordinary but happy lives, but a tempest suddenly hits the family.
On the birthday of Tomiko, her husband, Shuzo, asks her what she wants as a memorial gift. She answers, “A divorce.” Their children are much thrown into a state of panic to hear this news of separation. Amid the sudden tumult of life, each member of the family begins to publicize respective grievances.

DIRECTOR  – Yoji Yamada ( Tokyo Family, The Hidden Blade, Love and Honor, The Twilight Samurai, The Little House)

CAST – Isao Hashizume, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Masahiko Nishimura, Yui Natsukawa, Tomoko Nakajima, Shozo Hayashiya, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yu Aoi


It’s Tough Being a Family (Kazoku wa Tsuraiyo) – Trailer

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